Year: 28 Week: 17

Episode: 4237

Scene: 21149

Sarwar Khan warns Palwasha to leave his house. Palwasha asks the reason. Sarwar Khan says that due to her tale-bearing, a quarrel broke out between him and his brother, Ahmad.

Scene: 21150

Gulalai says to her husband, Rahim that Karim’s conspiracy sent Nazir to Jail.

Rahim promises that he will talk to Karim about this issue.

Scene: 21151

Shikeba wants to leave home for province to continuing her study. Her brother, Samiullah wants her to hurry up but Shikeba says that she has to say goodbye to Hamida.

Scene: 21152

Palwasha is crying and her husband, Ahmad decides to talk to Sarwar Khan about this issue but Palwasha prevents him and says that it might cause a big fight between him and Sarwar Khan.

Episode: 4238

Scene: 21153

Ahmad rides on Sarwar Khan's horse. Sarwar Khan stops and prevents him from riding his horse.

Ahmad blames him for the bad behavior with him and his wife, Palwasha. Sarwar Khan slaps on his face and Ahmad grabs him from his collar.

Scene: 21155

Allahdad complains to Naseem that he could not do anything until he is not visiting Shikeba.

Naseem says that Shikeba went to the province to continue her study at the university.

Scene: 21156

Sarwar Khan seems angry. Gulalai asks the cause of his anger. Sarwar Khan replies that Ahmad grabbed him from his collar in front of the villagers.

Scene: 21157

Rahim wants Karim to go to the district office and confess Nazir’s innocence. Karim denies it and says that he would never help Nazir.

Episode: 4239

Scene: 21158

Gulkhan and his father, Fatih Khan are going home by Gulkhan’s car. Gulkhan sees that Allahad goes on foot and he wants him to go with them in the car. Fatih Khan gets angry at Gulkhan that why he wanted Allahdad to go with them.

Scene: 21159

Mahjabeen wants Gulalai to want the doctor to help Nazir to release him from jail.

Gulalai promises that she will share the issue of innocence of Nazir with the doctor.

Scene: 21160

Karim asks Samandar about the cause of the quarrel between Ahmad and Sarwar Khan.

Samandar replies that Ahmad wanted to build a toilet in the house yard but Sarwar Khan prevented him.

Scene: 21160

It's late evening that Allahdad goes home. Rahim asks him that why he is late. Allahdad seems angry and says to Rahimdad that he is not a child that Rahimdad wants him to come early home.