Year: 28 Week: 16

Episode: 4234

Scene: 21137

Shikeba seems happy. Hamida asks the cause of her happiness.

Shikeba replies that she saw that Allahdad’s broken leg is healed.

Scene: 21138

Mahjabeen says to Nazir that his illegal activities caused her to come to jail.

Nazir says that he is the victim of a conspiracy and adds that Akbar witnesses that he is not a bribe-taker.

Scene: 21139

Gulkhan says to Rahimdad that Allahdad repaired his car.

Rahimdad wants him to repair his car by another mechanic instead of Allahdad.

Scene: 21140

Akbar looks sad. His wife, Zarmena asks the cause. Akbar replies that he is thinking about the controversy between Ahmad and Sarwar Khan.

Episode: 4235

Scene: 21141

Mahjaben asks Akbar that if Purdil was paying a bribe to Nazir. Akbar replies yes, and adds that Nazir strongly rejected the bribe.

Scene: 21142

Hameeda asks Gulalai about the controversy between Sarwar Khan and Ahmad.

Gulalai replies that Ahmad wanted to build a toilet in the corner of the house yard but Sarwar Khan did not let him.

Scene: 21143

Rahimdad says to Allahdad that why he had gone to Fatih Khan’s house.

Allahdad replies that he had not gone there and wants Rahimdad not to worry about him.

Scene: 21144

Pudil visits nazir in jail. Nazir wants him to help in releasing.

Purdil says that releasing from jail needs more money.

Episode: 4236

Scene: 21145

Fatih Khan warns Gulkhan not to invite Allahdad to his house for repairing Gulkhan’s house anymore. Gulkhan says that he had not invited him.

Scene: 21146

Purdil calls Karim and says that he visited Nazir in jail. Karim tells him the whole story that how he trapped Nazir by putting a marked banknote in his pocket.

Suddenly Karim sees that Gulalai is standing beside him and he asks her that when she comes. Gulalai replies that she listened to all the story.

Scene: 21147

Allahdad is singing a song. Naseem asks the reason for his happiness. Allahdad replies that he got Fatih Khan’s consent but Naseem warns him to be careful that Fatih might create him problems.

Scene: 21148

Hamida says to her brother, Ahmad that it might rain. Ahmad says that if it rains, his all efforts will waste.