The Rain Melody

Written by: Najia Nijat

First Lane:

Jawad and his sister, Sana are playing with some other children in the lane. Meanwhile, rain starts. Sana wants Jawad to go back home with her but Jawad denies it and says that it rained a few minutes before too and stopped soon.

Sana sees that the peddler is standing under a shelter. The children go and greet him. Sana wants the peddler to go with them inside their home to protect him from the rain. The peddler thanks her and says that it’s spring and the rain would stop soon and he tells a verse of a poem about rain. The children like the poem and want the peddler to tell them the whole poem. The peddler tells the poem and the children learn it and the peddler goes to the next lane.

Second Lane:
Palwasha arranges her doll’s wedding in the alley with her friends and they are singing a song. Her brother, Ajmal comes and asks angrily Palwasha that why she has taken his cup to the picnic. Meanwhile, the peddler also arrives and after greeting, he asks about their argument.

Ajmal replies that Palwasha has taken his cup to the picnic.

Peddler brings out the magic mirror from his bag. The children see in the mirror that a child comes and drinks dough from the glass of a child and puts the glass back. This child is suffering from a contagious disease and some germs leave on the brims of the cup. Meanwhile, another child also drinks dough from the same cup, and germs transfer to his body. The peddler puts the mirror in his bag.

Palwasha says that Ajmal also suffers from the common cold and she is afraid that she would also get cold. Peddler suggests her to gargle the mixture of water and salt. Palwasha promises that she would never drink any from someone else’s cup. Peddler appraises them and when he wants to go to the other lane, his bag slips from his shoulder. Palwasha laughs and says that it remembers her of a joke.

Peddler wants her to tell the joke. Palwasha tells the following joke, “A girl heard the sound of falling a heavy object and she asked about it from her brother. Her brother replied that his clothes fell. The girl asked that why the sound was so heavy. Her brother replied that he was inside the clothes.”

Peddler likes the joke and he wants the children to learn more jokes for next time and he goes to the last lane.

Third Lane:

Helai and Tawoos are waiting for the peddler and Golden Wings fairy in the lane to come and tell them a new part of the story.

They see that peddler and Golden Wing fairy arrive and they greet them. The fairy wants the children to repeat the previous part of the story. The children do it and the fairy tells them a new part of the story of “Tricky Crow”.