Year: 28 Week: 15

Episode: 4231

Scene: 21125

Karim seems happy. Purdil asks him the cause of his happiness.

Karim replies that he created problems for Nazir.

Scene: 21126

Palwasha goes to the spring to bring water and she looks uncomfortable. Fatima asks the cause. Palwasha replies that her husband, Ahmad and his brother, Sarwar Khan have argued for the construction of the toilet.

Scene: 21127

Abida asks Rahimdad that where is he going.

Rahimdad replies that that Allahdad is not at home and he wants to find him.

Scene: 21128

The doctor brings out marked banknotes from Nazir’s pocket. Nazir says to the doctor that someone else has put the money in his pocket.

The doctor gets angry and says that Nazir takes bribes from patients.

Episode: 4232

Scene: 21129

Allahdad goes to Fatih Khan’s house and says to Gul Khan that he wants to repair his car.

Gul Khan says that whenever Allahdad gets his health back, then he will repair his car.

Scene: 21130
the police arrest Nazir from the clinic. Gulalai asks cause from the doctor. The doctor replies that Nazir has taken bribes from a patient.

Scene: 21131

Rahimdad says to Akbar that a quarrel has taken place between Sarwar Khan and his brother, Ahmad. Akbar asks the reason.

Rahimdad replies that Ahmad wanted to build a toilet in the corner of the house but Sarwar Khan prevents him.

Scene: 21132

Fatih Khan asks Nargis about Gul Khan’s car.

Nargis replies that Allahdad had come and repaired it.

Fatih Khan gets angry and says that Gul Khan has changed his house to a workshop.

Episode: 4233

Scene: 21133

Gulalai informs her brother, Karim of accusing of Nazir taking bribes and arresting by police.

Karim becomes happy and says that Nazir was not a good person.

Scene: 21134

Rahimdad asks Allahdad that why he had gone out without the doctor’s permission. Allahdad replies that he was anxious at home and walked on the field.

Scene: 21135

Mahjabeen says to Atifa that police have arrested her husband, Nazir.

Atifa suggests her to go and visit Nazir and adds that he might be innocent.

Scene: 21136

Gualai wants Sarwar Khan not to scold Ahmad but Sarwar Khan doesn’t accept and says that he would not allow Ahmad to do anything without his permission.