Year: 24 Week: 27

Tricky Shopkeeper

Karim goes to Ghafar’s shop and asks that who has told him about the expiry date of groceries. Ghafar says that Gul Khan always checks the expiry date of every item before purchasing.  Karim thanks Ghafar and leaves the shop.

Karim hears the voice of Gul Khan’s tractor and asks him to stop. Gul Khan asks the reason. Karim says that why he has told about the expiry dates of groceries to Ghafar. Gul Khan says that it is his right to aware people from expiry foods. Karim slaps him and quarrel takes place between them.

When Fateh Khan sees Gul Khan’s torn collar and the broken head, he takes a shovel and wants to take revenge from Karim. Gul Khan asks him to be patient but he doesn’t accept.

Fateh Khan goes to Nik Mohammad’s house but Karim is not at home. Rabia Gul invites Fateh Khan to be patient.

While Karim returns home, her mother, Rabia Gul says him about Fateh Khan. Karim becomes angrier and says that he would not leave Gul Khan and Fateh Khan to live in peace.

Ban Girls from Education:

Aqila visits Palwasha during taking water from the pipe in the village and asks her that why she has left the school. She says that her brother, Qambar Gul doesn’t allow her because she is young now. Aqila wants to convince her brother to let her to school.

Qambar Gul is working on the land. he wants Palwasha to go home and take some grass for cattle. Palwasha doesn’t accept because he doesn’t allow her go to school.

On the other hand, Rahim tells his wife, Atifa that Palwasha, the daughter of Akbar has not come yet for transfer Palwasha to another school. Atifa says that she doesn’t want to continue her school anymore.

Rahim asks Fatima to go to Akbar’s house and ask them about her absent.