year: 28 Week: 14

Episode: 4228

Scene: 21113

Akbar asks Nazir that what did Purdil give him.

Nazir replies that Purdil wanted to bribe him but he rejected it.

Scene: 21114

Gualai wants her husband, Sarwar Khan to try to solve the issue with Ahmad in a good manner otherwise it might cause conflict.

Sarwar Khan warns that if Ahmad doesn’t accept his order, he would expel him from home.

Scene: 21115

Purdil says to Karim that Nazir is a coward person and he was afraid of bribery.

Karim wants Purdil to pay the money back to him.

Scene: 21116

Rahimdad looks worried. Shikeba asks the cause of his worries.

Rahimdad replies that Allahdad’s leg is broken.

Episode: 4229

Scene: 21117

The doctor removes Allahdad’s leg cast and wants him to rest at home and avoid hard work.

Naseem says to the doctor that Allahdad is sad these days and he is always thinking.

Scene: 21118

Nazir says to Karim that if he comes to enter the clinic without his turn, he would not allow him.

Karim says that he doesn’t want to enter the clinic and adds that he just wants to visit Nazir.

Scene: 21119

Hameeda says to Shikeba that she visited Allahdad and he is well now.

Shikeba gets happy and thanks her for the good news.

Scene: 21120

Ahmad wants Samandar to come back to their house for building the toilet.

Samandar denies and says that Sarwar Khan will not allow him to build the toilet.

Episode: 4230

Scene: 21121

Karim goes to the clinic. Gulalai asks about his sickness. Karim replies that he checked his blood pressure.

Scene: 21122

Rahimdad asks Allahdad that why he wanted to break his leg cast.

Allahdad replies that he was bored with his leg cast.

Scene: 21123

Karim calls the doctor and says that after he bribed Nazir, then he lit him to the clinic. The doctor hesitates and says that Nazir is an honest person but Karim wants him to search Nazir’s pocket for finding marked banknotes of bribery.

Scene: 21124

Palwasha wants Ahmad to stop building the toilet.

Ahmad denies and says that he would no longer accept Sarwar Khan’s orders!