World Most Expensive Face Mask

Written by: Najia Nijat

Yasir and his sister, Nadia goes to the castle. Both have used face masks. Nadia argues with Yasir that he bought a cheaper face mask for her but bought an expensive one for himself.

Yasir says that face masks almost have the same price. Meanwhile, Lalo Mama is watering the flower field and he welcomes his guests. Lalo Mama asks about their argument. Nadia shares the issue with him. Lalo Mama takes them inside the castle and there he says to his guests that he knows about the world’s most expensive face mask. Nadia asks about it. Lalo Mama opens a window about it.


In the window, Nadia and Yasir see a spokesman on the screen of the tv that presents information about the world's expensive face mask.

The newscaster says, “World’s most expensive Covid-19 face mask price is the US $1.5 million, 210 carats of diamonds, and it’s made of gold and ordered by an Israeli businessman.”

Lalo Mama closes the window. Nadia wants Yasir to buy her a precious face mask when they go back home.

Yasir says that he has forgotten his money in the pocket of his shirt. Nadia wishes if her sister did not wash his shirt.

Lalo Mama says that some families’ members do not search the pockets of the clothes when washing them and this issue might cause some problems. Nadia asks about the problems. Lalo Mama turns on his mobile phone.

Huda, a resident of Kabul city says, “My brother was to go abroad and visa was in his shirt’s pocket. I washed it when I was washing his clothes. He could not travel and nor participated in a conference held in one of the countries.”
Farahnaz, another resident of Kabul city says, “I washed my father’s two cars licenses and he faced many problems till he got other licenses.”

Yasir asks about the solution to this issue. Lalo Mama opens another window.


A father enters the room and asks his daughter, Suhaila about his dirty clothes.  Suhaila replies that her sister, Karima took them for washing. The father asks if they have brought out money and other documents from his pocket or not. Suhaila replies no, and she goes to Karima. Karima has turned on the washing machine and wants to put her father’s clothes but Suhaia takes the clothes from her hand and brings out the documents and money from her father’s shirt pocket. His father becomes happy and suggests his daughters search the pockets of clothes before washing them.

Lalo Mama closes this window too. Nadia says that she has some memories of such events too. Lalo Mama opens another window about memory.


Sana, a resident of Nangarhar province says, “One day I found my father’s company document and I tore them. When my father got aware of them, he got angry with me and said that if I find some documents, I should read them first or show them to someone, if they were not important documents, then I should tear them.”

Lalo Mama closes this window too.