Year: 28 Week 12

Episode: 4222

Scene: 21089

Hamida calls Shikeba and asks that why she was angry the last day. Shikeba replies that she wants to visit her and talks to her about an important issue.

 Scene: 21090

Ghotai says to Lalbaz that she wishes to release Janbaz. Lalbaz says that Janbaz will be imprisoned due to firing on Purdil and keeping an unregistered weapon at home.

Scene: 21091

Shazia wants Mujeeb to take his school books and go to Hamida’s house for learning. Mujeeb says that he is ashamed to go to Hamida’s house.

Scene: 21092

Shikeba says to her mother, Shukria that she is upset at home and wants to visit Hamida. Shukria allows her and says that Hamida is a good girl.

Episode: 4223

Scene: 21093

Meena and Mujeeb go to Hamida’s house. Mujeeb asks Hamida that as the schools are closed, then why she teaches them. Hamida replies that school will start soon.

Scene: 21094

Nazir wears child eyeglasses. Mahjabeen asks the reason. Nazir replies that he wants to look like a doctor.

Scene: 21095

Meena says to her mother, Shazia that Hamida told her that the schools will be started soon.Shazia wants her to study hard to get the first position at school.

Scene: 21096

Shikeba goes to Hamida’s house and seems sad.  Hamida asks about the cause of her sadness.

Shikeba replies that Allahdad is injured in a car accident but she doesn’t know about his health.

Episode: 4224

Scene: 21097

Allahdad shouts in sleep. Rahimdad asks the reason. Allahdad replies that he dreamt a terrible dream.

Scene: 21098

Shazia thanks Hamida for teaching Mujeeb and  Meena. Hamida says that teaching is her job and she wants Shazia to encourage them to study at home too.

Scene: 21099

Ghotai says to Dilbaro that they spent more money but could not release Janbaz. Dilbaro says that if Janbaz had patience, he might not be imprisoned.

Scene: 21100

Rahimdad wants Naseem to go and visit Allahdad. Naseem asks about Allahdad. Rahimdad says that Allahdad is always thinking about something.