Year: 28 Week: 10

Episode: 4216

Scene: 21065

Shams is playing football with other children on the village ground. Majeed wants Shams to go home and study his school lessons.

Shams denies and says that schools are closed.

Scene: 21066

It's midnight and Allahdad singing a song. Rahimdad wants him to go to sleep because he has to go to his workshop in the morning. Allahdad says that he tried so many times but he could not go to sleep.

Scene: 21067

Meena says to her brother, Mujeeb that she could not learn her school lessons. Mujeeb wants her to put her school books aside and play with him.

Scene: 21068

Ghotai asks Lalbaz if he visited his father, janbaz, or not. Lalbaz replies that they have transferred Janbaz from the district police station to the province for further investigation.

Episode: 4217

Scene: 21069

Karim wants to give some cookies to Gulalai in the clinic. Nazir prevents him and says that he could enter the clinic without his turn.

Scene: 21070

Meena and Mujeeb are quarreling during playing in the house. Shazia gets angry and wants them to leave playing and study their school lessons.

Scene: 21071

Karim holds Nazir from his ear and asks him that why he prevents him from entering the clinic.

Nazir replies that he would not allow irresponsible people to enter the clinic.

Scene: 21072

Gulkhan goes to Allahdad’s workshop and wants Allahdad to repair his car. When Allahdad wants to cross the road to brings some spare parts, a car hits him.

Episode: 4218

Scene: 21073

Gulkhan takes Allahdad to the clinic. When Rahimdad comes to the clinic, he cries and says that Allahdad is dead. Gulkhan wants him to calm down and says that Allahdad is alive but his leg is broken.

Scene: 21074

Shazia wants Shikeba if she could come to her house for teaching Mujeeb and Meena.

Shikeba says that as she is studying at the university so that she doesn’t have extra time.

Scene: 21075

Karim wants Purdil to forgive Janbaz. Purdil denies and says that he would never forgive his sin.

Scene: 21076

It's late-night and Gulkhan has not come home. His wife, Nargis calls him and asks the cause of his lateness. Gulkhan replies that one of his friends is sick and he is in the clinic and he would also spend the night with him in the clinic.