year: 28 Week: 09

Episode: 4213

Scene: 21053

It's evening and Nazir wants Mahjabeen to give him clean clothes but Mahjabeen denies it and wants him to keep his clean clothes for his new job. Nazir says that he wants to get ready for the job from the beginning of the night.

Scene: 21054

Naseem says to Allahdad that it is getting late and wants him to go home but Allahdad seems untidy and says that he wants to pass the night in his workshop.

Scene: 21055

Shazia asks Mahjabeen that as the schools are not started yet, then where did she go.

Mahjabeen replies that the school would start soon and she had gone to get prepare for her job.

Scene: 21056

Rahimdad calls Naseem and says that it is late at night and Allahdad has not come home yet.

Naseem says that Allah stayed at his workshop.

Episode: 4214

Scene: 21057

Meena wants his brother, Mujeeb to give her the tambourine otherwise she would complain to her mother. Mujbeeb denies and says that he is not afraid of anyone.

Scene: 21058

Rahimdad goes to Naseem’s shop and blames him for telling lie about the staying of Allahdad in the workshop.

Naseem wants to search for him on the hillside.

Scene: 21059

Shazia looks sad. Shikeba asks about the cause. Shazia replies that her children do not study their school lessons at home.

Scene: 21060

Lalbaz wants Rahim to help him in the release of Janbaz from the custody of the police.

Rahim says that he would help him but keeping weapons without a license at home and firing on someone is a crime.

Episode: 4215

Scene: 20161

It is midnight and Nazir wants to leave his house. Mahjabeen asks that where is he going. Nazir says that he wants to go to his job. Mahjabeen prevents him and says that it's 2 am but Nazir doesn’t accept.

Scene: 21062

Shazia wants her husband, Majeed to scold Meena and Mujeeb to study their school lessons. Majeed wants her to let them play because the schools are not started yet.

Scene: 21063

Its might night and Nazir comes back home and wants Mahjabeen to turn on her mobile phone’s torch. When Mahjabeen turns on the torch, she sees that Nazir's clothes are torn. Mahjabeen asks about the cause. Nazir replies that a dog bit him.

Scene: 21064

Rahimdad finds Allahdad in the hillside while Allahdad is playing flute. Rahimdad asks him that why he doesn’t come home. Allah replies that he doesn’t care about his life.