Year: 24 Week: 26

Tricky Shopkeeper

Ghafar buys some groceries from Purdil  for his shop. Gul Khan comes to Ghafar’s shop and finds the items in low price and asks Ghafar to give him some of biscuits and fresh juice. When Gul Khan sees the expiry date, all the items are expired.

Gul Khan asks him that why he has brought the expired groceries. Ghafar blames Purdil in this issue.

Ghafar becomes angry and returns the items to Purdils and asks him to pay back his money. Purdil convinces him that he would return the groceries back to province market and when he returns, he would pay his money back.

When Karim comes to his shop, Purdil says that someone has told about the expiry date of groceries to Ghafar. Karim becomes angry and decides to finds the person who knows about the expiry date.

Ban Girls from Education:

Qambar Gul does not allow his sister, Palwasha to go to school anymore. When he goes home and wants some drinking water from Palwasha, she denies and says that why he doesn’t allow her to go to school. Qambar Gul slaps her and says that as she is young, he would not allow her to go to school.

Palwasha cries and shares the issue with his parent. Her father, Akbar promises that he would ask Qambar Gul about this issue.

Akbar calls Qambar Gul and asks that why he has beaten Palwasha. Qambar Gul says that she disobeyed him. Akbar says that no one would have the right to beat her daughter. Qambar Gul says he would never allow Palwasha to go to school.