Beans Benefits for Health

Written by: Wajiha Sayar

First Lane:

Aziz complains to his friend, Faridoon that he counted the marbles several times but every time he made mistakes. Meanwhile, the peddler arrives and they greet him. Peddler asks about their business. The children share the issue with him. Peddler says that the easiest way of adding is the multiplication of 2 by 2 matrix that they have already learned it before.

Aziz and Faridoon try it but makes some mistakes. Peddler helps them and finally they succeed. Peddler gives each of them a mandarin for eating and he goes to the next lane.

Second Lane:

Samira is playing with her brother, Omid in the lane. Samira hears the voice of the peddler; she and Omid go toward the peddler and greet him.

Omid says to the peddler that Samira has learned a new puzzle. The peddler wants her to tell him the puzzle.

Samira asks, what is the thing that has one eye but horns.

Omid and the peddler find some answers but Samira doesn’t accept. Finally, Omid succeeds to find the correct answer which is television. Peddler wants to explain it. Omid says that the eye is the screen of the television and two parts of the antenna are the horns of it. Peddler appraises them and he goes to the last lane.

Third Lane:

Farida has learned a joke and says to her brother, Emal that when the peddler comes, she will tell the joke to him.

Peddler arrives and after greeting, Farida tells a joke; the peddler and other children like the joke and wants them to learn more jokes and he asks them that what kind of foods do they like to eat.

They reply that they like beans. The rabbit comes out from the peddler’s bag and says that she hates beans.

Farida says that she doesn’t know how to cook beans.

Peddler turns on his talking box. Some children from Balkh, Bamiyan, and Nangarhar provinces say that they have eaten beans porridge, kabab, soup and mixed with rice and add that beans are very tasty and have more benefits for health. The rabbit asks about the benefits of beans. Faridoon quotes his father that beans strengthen the body of human beings. Peddler says that those who do not like eating meat, could eat beans and take benefits of their protein.