Leasing Land for Cultivation

Written by: Hasamuddin Hamdard

Most of the Afghan villagers are landowners and fulfill their daily necessities from land products. How the villagers, who have no land, could solve their problems?

The writer/producer of AEPO has talked to Mullah Zubair, one of the farmers in Qarghaee, district of Laghman province.

Zubair says: I have leased a piece of land about 14 years ago from a landowner. I  give him 1400 kilograms wheat and 1400 kilograms corn per year. I cultivate vegetables, sell the products in Kabul city and gain about 180 thousand Afghanis per year.

Tambourine seller:

Jamshid is a resident of Paghman, district of Kabul province. He was a shoemaker and was gaining about Afs. 200 daily. As this amount was not sufficient for his daily expenses, he left shoemaking and started to sell tambourines. He sells about 10-15 tambourines daily and gets Afs. 40-50 from selling each piece and could easily solve his economic problem.