Written by: Muhammad Anwar Andar

First Lane:

Hashmat and Fawzia are playing with snow in the alley. Hashmat is coughing and shivering from the cold. The peddler arrives and they welcome him. Peddler says that if they wear warm scarfs in the winter, they would not feel cold and nor get sick but Hashmat doesn’t accept and says that he would not get sick.

The peddler brings out a magic scarf from his bag. The scarf asks Hashmat that why water is coming from his nose. Hashmat replies that due to the cold weather, water comes from the nose. The scarf says that if they wrap their mouth, neck, and noses with a scarf, they would not become sick easily.

Meanwhile, smoke causes Hashmat to cough. The scarf says that if they use a scarf, they might not inhale smoke and they would not cough.

The scarf adds that viruses and germs are found more in the cold weather and they enter into the human body through the mouth and nose. The scarf prevents viruses and germs to enter into the human body.

The scarf goes back into the bag. Hashmat and Fawzia promise that they would wrap the scarfs around their heads, necks, mouths, and noses.

The peddler gifts a scarf to each of them and wants them to wrap them around their neck, face and nose when they go out from their homes and the peddler goes to the next lane.

Second Lane:

Shukria and Zalmai are playing in the lane. Peddler comes and they greet him. Shukria asks the peddler about their gifts. Peddler replies that they should first tell him what do they have for him. Zalmai says that they have learned a melody about winter. Peddler wants them to tell them the melody.

Shukria and Zalmai tell the melody. Peddler likes it and wants them to share the melody with their friends too.

Shukria wants their gifts. Peddler tells the following joke as a gift, “A boy asked another boy that how the chick comes out from the egg. The second boy asked him that he should tell him first that how the chick enters into the egg.”

Children like the joke and the peddler goes to the last lane.

Third Lane:

Najeeb and Frishta are waiting for the peddler and Golden Wing fairy to come and tell them a new part of the story.

Peddler and Golden Wing fairy come and they welcome them. Najeeb and Frishta repeat the previous part of the story and the fairy tells them the last part of the story, “Yellow Chicken”.