Rock Dove

 Written by: Nasratullah Samim

A rock dove was living with other birds and animals in a jungle. One day, the rock dove was very hungry and left her house to eat something but she found nothing.

The dove saw a crow on a big stone. She landed and wanted the crow to give her something for eating. The crow said that he has nothing for eating and added that if she could cross the mountain, she could find plenty of food. The dove said that she could not go so far away.

 Meanwhile, the dove saw a bag on the ground and she unwrapped it. some grains were in the bag and she wanted to eat them but the crow wanted her to check it first. The dove said that these are edible. She ate some grains and wanted the crow to eat with her but the crow denied it.

A few minutes later, the dove became unconscious and fell to the ground. Crow asked about her health but the foam was coming from the dove’s mouth and she could not talk.

A magpie was passing and saw the scene and she landed near the dove. The crow shared the whole story with her. The magpie and crow took the dove to the doctor of birds who was a crane but the crane was not at home and the health situation of the dove was getting worse.

The crow saw that the crane was coming home. When the crane arrived, she asked about her sickness. The crow said that that dove found a bag in the jungle and she ate grains from it.

The crane said that she had collected some poisonous plant seeds to use in medicines but she lost the bag in the jungle.

The crane prepared some medicines and took them to the dove. The dove got her health back and she promised that she would never eat unknown foods again.