Year: 28 Week 05

Episode: 4201

Scene: 21005

Purdil wants Janbaz to give him some more money to speed up his engagement.

Janbaz says that he would not give him a penny and nor need his help.

Scene: 21006

Nazir is talking with himself. Naseem asks the cause. Nazir replies that he would have some difficult questions in his interview.

Scene: 21007

Janbaz says to Ghotai that he doesn’t believe in Purdil. Ghotai asks about the solution. Janbaz wants her to go with Abida for his proposal.

 Ghotai accepts his suggestion.

Scene: 21008

It is midnight and an explosion is heard. Fatih Khan asks Gulkhan about it. Gulkhan replies that he would go out and see that what has happened.

Episode: 4202

Scene: 21009

Akbar’s house burns and he wants people to extinguish the fire.

Majid arrives at Akbar’s house and asks about the cause of the fire.

Samargul replies that the fire is caused by the explosion of the gas balloon.

Scene: 21010

Ghafar says to Karim that throwing snow on the public way is not a good habit.

Karim gets angry and says that the lane belongs to them and no one has the right to occupy it.

Scene: 21011

Nazir gives a dish of dried meat porridge to Gulalai. Gulalai wants to get ready for the interview. Nazir says that he has learned all the questions of the interview.

Scene: 21012

Its midnight. Zarmena complains of the burning of her hand and leg. Fatima says that her hand is also injured by the pieces of glass.

Samargul says that Gulkhan would take them to the clinic by his car.

Episode: 4203

Episode: 21013

Ghotai comes back home. Janbaz asks her if she has good news about his engagement.

 Ghotai replies that the woman did not accept their proposal.

Episode: 21014

Nazir is searching for something in the suitcase. Mahjabeen asks the reason.

Nazir says that today he has an interview, and he has to put on his clean clothes.

Episode: 21015

Akbar asks the doctor if Fatima would get her health again.

The doctor replies yes and he wants Akbar that when he buys a new gas balloon, its pipe, and heater, he must show them to a professional person first.

Episode: 21016

Janbaz asks Abida the cause of the refusal of his proposal.

Abida replies that the woman said that Janbaz family is always involved in the quarrel.