Respect Health Workers and Prevent Negative Propaganda against them

 Written by: Wajiha Sayar

Salma goes to the castle with his brother, Idris. They found Lalo Mama sad. After greeting, Idris asks Lalo Mama about his sadness. Lalo Mama takes them inside the castle and replies that last day, some health workers had come to the village to talk about coronavirus but some impolite boys annoyed them in the lane before they reach the castle.

Salma confirms and adds that some juveniles in their village also badly treat health staff but Idris does agree. Lalo Mama opens a window about this issue for their information.


In the first scene, Fahim and his brother, Hamid are playing in the alley. Meanwhile, a vehicle of heath staff stops, and a group of them gets out of the vehicle. Hamid says that last week the same health workers had gone to the lower village and they had talked about nonsense.

Fahim calls their job useless and they hit the health workers with snowballs. The health workers runaway.

In the second scene, Fahim and Hamid go home and want their mother to prepare them lunch. Their mother wants them to wait for their father to come. Meanwhile, their father comes and he gives a bag to his wife. His wife asks about the contents of the bag. The husband says that a group of health workers had come to the Masjid and talked about the dangers of coronavirus and they advised the villagers to use facemasks, wash hands with soap and clean water and consider social distance to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Fahim’s father adds that the health workers also advised them to drink hot liquids and eat more vitamin C rich fruits.

Fahim says that they have also studied in their school books that these foods and fruits cause the human body to have more resistance against any kind of virus.

Fahim’s mother appraises the health workers’ job. Her husband confirms and adds that some rude boys had annoyed them in the village.

Fahim and Hamid ask that if the villagers know about those boys. Their father replies yes, they have some signs of those boys. Fahim and Hamid confuse.

In the third scene, Satar visits Hamid and Fahim and he asks why they have used facemasks and consider social distance. Fahim replies that to prevent the spreading of coronavirus, they consider health tips.

Satar says that last day, some health workers were hitten by snowballs in the village and the resident try to find those impolite boys.

Fahim says that those boys were he and his brother, Hamid. Fahim and Hamid promise that they would never annoy anyone, especially health workers, and add that they would want others to help health workers.

Lalo Mama closes the window.

Idris and Salma like the information and they promise to share this information with their friends.