Health Benefits of Mandarin

 Written by: Najia Nijat

First Lane:

Zarghona asks her brother, Emal that which fruit he likes more. Emal names pomegranate. Zarghona says that she likes kinnow (a kind of mandarin) more. Emal mocks Zarghona for liking a fruit that doesn’t have a taste. Meanwhile, Peddler arrives and the children welcome him.

Peddler asks about their argument. Zarghona says that Emal hates Kinnow. Peddler says that Kinnow has more health benefits and then he brings out a magic doll from his bag. That doll says, “Kinnow purifies the blood; stimulates appetite and it’s a delicious fruit and commonly grows in the countries with warm weather.”

Lalo Mama takes the doll back into the bag. Emal promises that he will eat Kinnow afterward and would also tell about the health benefits of Kinnow to his friends. Peddler wants to go to the next lane but Zarghona stops him and tells the following joke, “A thief went to a poor man’s house and he could not find anything for stealing. The thief became angry and checked the home assignments of the children and left the house.”

Peddler likes the joke and then he goes to the next lane.

Second Lane:

Elam has a new watch and he shows it to his friend, Mirwais. Mirwais mocks on his watch and says that there are many needles in his watch. Mirwais argues with him. Meanwhile, the peddler arrives and after greeting, he asks about the cause of their argument. Mirwais says that Elham’s watch has three useless needles. Peddler says that each needle or hand has a specific job. Mirwais asks about the jobs of hands in the watch.

Peddler says that the thin hand indicates the seconds and when it completes one round or 60 seconds,  it shows 1 minute and it’s called a second hand. The longest needle is called minute hand and when it completes one round from 12 to 12, it means that 1 minute is completed and the last needle is called hour hand and when it completes 5 digits, it shows that 1 hour is completed.

Mirwais and Elham like the information and they promise that they would share this information with their friends too.

The peddler goes to the last lane.

Third Land:
peddler is playing flute and arrives at the lane. Golden Wing fairy, lands from the sky, Khalid and Mena welcome them. Mena wants the fairy to tell them a new part of the story. Fairy wants them to repeat the previous part first and do that.

Golden Wing fairy tells them a new part of the story of yellow chicken.