year: 28 Week: 03

Episode: 4195

Scene: 20975

Shahperai removes a carpet from her living room. Atifa asks about the cause. Shahperai replies that due to heavy snow, the water leaks from the ceiling. Atifa asks why Karim doesn't remove snow from the roof. Shaperai replies that Karim doesn’t care about such issues.

Scene: 20976

Sayed Muhammad seems sad and says to Adam Khan that he wants to leave the village forever. Adam Khan asks the cause of his leaving. Sayed Muhammad replies that villagers look down on him and they do not respect him.

Scene: 20977

Zarmena says to her husband, Akbar that the winter so cold and their firewood are also finished.

Akbar says that he would bring a gas balloon and its stove for warming the room.

Scene: 20978

Karim removes the snow from his roofs to the lane. Shahperai prevents him and says that the passersby might face problems. Karim says that if he accumulates the snow in his home yard, then he has to remove it from the yard too.

Scene: 20979

Mahjabeen quarrels with Nazir. Gulalai prevents and asks her the reason.  Mahjabeen says that Nazir spends his time at home and she wants Gulalai to find a job for him.

Episode: 4196

Scene: 20980

Akbar wants some money from his son, Samargul. Samargul asks about his need for the money. Akbar replies that he wants to buy a gas stove and its balloon for warming their living room.

Scene: 20981

The doctor says to Gulalai that some patients do not take their turn. Gulalai says that they will always face such problems without hiring a person to arrange the appointments.

Scene: 20982

Rahim says to Atifa that Sayed Muhammad wants to leave the village forever.

Atifa wishes if Sayed Muhammad did not steal the solar panels and batteries.

Scene: 20983

Akbar goes to Purdil’s shop and wants to give him a good gas balloon. Purdil gives him a balloon and says that this balloon doesn’t need a separate stove.

Scene: 20984

Gulmakai and Fatima want to go to the spring for taking water. Gulmakai sleeps in the snow and suffers from leg pain. Fatima suggests her to go back home.

Episode: 42197

Scene: 20985

Nazir chases chickens in the lane. Gulalai wants him to go back home but Nazir denies and says that he doesn’t have any work to do at home.

Scene: 20986

Gulmakai rests at home. Her husband, Ghafar asks about the cause. Gulmakai replies that someone has removed his house snow in the lane and she slept and wounded her leg.

Scene: 20987

Samandar gives some money to Purdil and wants him to avoid a further quarrel with Lalbaz. Purdil says that he would take the money for Samandar’s sake.

Scene: 20988

Akbar shows the gas balloon to Majid and says that he bought it from Purdil and purdil praised it.

Majid wants him to show the gas balloon to a qualified person.

Scene: 20989

Rahim wants Karim to not accumulate his roofs’ snow in the lane. Karim rejects and says to Rahimdad that it’s none of his business.