Year: 24: Week: 25


Shaperai shares the issue of the business partnership of Karim with Gulalai. Gulalai afraid it Karim would face loss in his business.

Shaperai visits the women of the village beside the spring. She says that Karim has started a business partnership with his old friend, Pudil. Parigul wishes him good luck but Fatima says that business partnership might not have a good result.  Shaperai wants them to purchase their necessities from Karim’s shop.

Purdil brings more items to his shop and says to Karim that they would get the double or triple benefit. Karim asks the reason. Purdil says that he has brought expired groceries. Karim afraid that they might face some problem.


Nazir colors the hair of Abdul Qadir with bluing. Hamida asks the reason of his work. Nazir says that bluing prevents heat and grows hairs.

Fasting and Quarrel:

Jandad quarrels with Ghafar and says that Ghafar has beaten his son, Omid. Ghafar denies it and says that Omid fell down while he was running.

When Ghafar goes home, her mother, Abida asks him why he seems disturbed.

Ghafar says that Jandad had a quarrel with him. Abida invites him to calmness during Ramadan.