Year: 28 Week: 02

Episode: 4192

Scene: 20960

Rabiagul says to Naseem that her facemasks are finished and wants him to bring her more.

Naseem promises that he would bring her new facemasks but adds that Rabiagul was ashamed before to consider 2 meters distance and use facemasks.

Scene: 20961

Zarghona is weeping and wants Mahjabeen to convince Jandad to let her study at school.

Mahjabeen promises that she would find a solution to this issue.

Scene: 20962

Gulalai calls Rabiagul and suggests her to use a facemask and consider 2 meters distance and stay at home for 15 days more.

Rabiagul thanks her and assures her that she would accept her suggestions.

Scene: 20963

Palwasha asks Hameeda that why she has cooked some special foods. Hameeda replies that she is happy for the reconciliation of Ahmad and Samiullah.

Scene: 20964

Mahjabeen says to Abida that Jandad forced her daughter, Zarghona to work outside the home instead of studying in school.

Abida assures her that she would share the issue with the village educational council.

Episode: 4193

Scene: 20965

Gulkhan says to Jandad forcing children to work is not allowed.

Abida says that Zarghona has the same right to education as Omid has.

Scene: 20966

Ghafar goes to Naseem’s shop and asks him why he blocked the entrance to his shop.

Naseem says that some people want to sit in his shop and this issue might cause the spread of coronavirus.

Scene: 20967

Rahimdad asks about the marriage of Janbaz. Janbaz says that he is faced with some economic and family problems now.

 Scene: 20968

Aqila paints some pictures and hangs them on the wall at home and asks her father, Rahim about the paintings. Rahim says that the old woman resembles Rabiagul.

Aqila says that she has painted her family members' pictures and adds that she is happy for them for recovering from coronavirus.

Scene: 20969

Jandad comes home and gives a book to Zarghona. Zarghona asks how he changed his mind. Jandad replies that Abida’s advice affected me.

Episode: 4194

Scene: 20970

zarghona calls Majabeen. Mahjabeen asks the cause of her calling.

Zarghona shares her happiness with her and says that Jandad allowed her to study at school.

Scene: 20971

Rahim says to Gulalai that he took good care of his family and they all recovered from coronavirus.

Gulalai warns him that the second wave of coronavirus is on the way and wants him to take more care of his family members.

Scene: 20972

Samargul calls to Jandad. Jandad asks the cause of his calling. Samargul replies that many customers have orders for sewing clothes. Jandad becomes happy and says that he would come soon to the shop.

Scene: 20973

Qambargul says to Allahdad that he is happy for the reconciliation Ahmed and Samiullah.

Allahdad says that he also enjoys this situation.

Scene: 20974

Jandad brings some facemasks and soaps home. Omid asks the reason. Jandad replies that using facemasks and washing hands with soap prevent the spread of coronavirus.