Piebald Cat and White ًRooster

 Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Once upon a time, there were a piebald cat and a red roaster, and other cats and roasters living in a house. One of the days, the red roaster saw that his feed was missing and he saw that the white roaster has come from the neighboring house and was crowing under the walnut tree.

The white roaster asked the red roaster that why he has eaten his feed but the red roaster replied that he has not eaten it. Meanwhile, the piebald cat heard the argument of the roasters and came near to them.

Piebald cat said to the red roaster that the white roaster has eaten his feed and provoked him against the white roaster to beat. Red and white roasters started fighting and beat each other.

A gray roaster came and said that he has eaten the feed but the white roaster was injured and was very angry.

The piebald cat was walking around them and was provoking them to fight and was giving some bread to the white roaster and wanted to fight with the red roaster. They continued their fighting and the piebald cat was eating a shortcake. Meanwhile, a black cat, the friend of the white roaster arrived. She chased the piebald cat because she thought that the white cat has eaten her shortcake.

The piebald cat climbed to the walnut tree and said that she has not stolen her shortcake.

The gray cat saw a piece of shortcake behind the walnut tree but the piebald cat pointed to the roasters and said that they have eaten the shortcake.

The gray cat did not accept and badly beat the piebald cat. Piebald cat wanted the roasters to help him but the roasters said that why she was provoking roasters against each other. Piebald cat accepted her mistake and promised that she would never tell lie anymore.