Year: 27 Week: 52

Episode: 4183

Scene: 20915

Mullah announces from the Masjid that the solar panels and their batteries would be distributed to the villagers.

Rahim thanks him for his contribution to this issue.

Scene: 20916

Shaperai is infected with the coronavirus. She says to Atifa that if she dies of coronavirus, what will happen to her children, Momina and Fahim. Atifa says that worry increases the disease and wants her to be patient.

Scene: 20917

Adam Khan gives a list to Shams and wants him to deliver it to his father, Lalbaz. Shams asks about the contents of the list. Adam Khan says if Lalbaz pays the contents of the list to Purdil, Purdil will forgive his sin.

Scene: 20918

Rahim wants Jandad to bring a cloth for him from the bazaar. Jandad says that due to the pain in his cut leg, he could not go to the bazaar.

Scene: 20919

Ghafar says to Abida that he prevented Sarwar Khan from taking revenge on Samiullah.

Abida appraises his work and adds that Samiullah must apologize to Sarwar Khan.

Episode: 4185

Scene: 20920

Purdil asks Rahim why Karim does not come to the shop these days.

Rahim replies that Karim is infected with the coronavirus.

Scene: 20921

Lalbaz says to Adam Khan that Purdil’s has sent him an oppressive list.

Adam Khan warns him if Lalbaz does not pay the whole list to Purdil, he might send Lalbaz to the jail.

Scene: 20922

Samiullah says to Abida that it is a shame for him to apologize to Ahmed.

Abida says that forgiveness is not a shame, it is a reward.

Scene: 20923

Jamal Khan visits Rahim after a long time and wants to shake his hand.

Rahim denies and says that during the spread of coronavirus, hugging and handshake would transfer the coronavirus to each other.

Scene: 20824

Sarwar Khan says to Mullah that the villagers do not want Sayed Muhammad to have the membership of the village council anymore.

Mullah says that he talks about this issue with Sayed Muhammad.

Episode: 4286

Scene: 20825

Karim says to his brother, Rahim that he wants to go to his shop.

 Rahim prevents him and says that he is infected with coronavirus and should stay at home.

Scene: 20826

Sayed Muhammad says to Rahimdad that he lost his land to purchase solar panels and batteries, and on the other hand, they expelled him from the village council too.
Rahimdad wants him to be happy that they did not send him to jail.

Scene: 20827

Gulalai is talking on the phone with Rabiagul. Rabiagul asks why she did not come to visit her.

Gulalai replies that Rabiagul is infected with coronavirus and visiting such patients is dangerous.

Scene: 20828

Lalbaz complains to Samandar that Purdils wants a lot of compensation from him.

Samandar assures him that he would talk to Purdil about this issue.

Scene: 20829

Ahmad says to Ghafar that he doesn’t want to forgive Samiullah.

Ghafar says that forgiveness is a reward not a previlage.