Year: 27 Week: 51

Episode: 4180 

Scene: 20900

Karim blames his wife, Shahperai for not taking care of Rabiagul.

Shahperai says that as Rabiagul and Naseem are infected with coronavirus, Rahim prevents her from going near them. Karim slaps on his face and Shaperai weeps.

Scene: 20901

Purdil complains to Adam Khan that Karim broke his head and warns that he would kill him.

Adam Khan prevents him from killing Lalbaz and promises that he would impel Lalbaz to pay him compensation.

Scene: 20902

Abida wants Allahdad to help her to reconcile Samiullah with Ahmad. Allahdad denies and says that Ahmad is his friend and he (Allahdad) wants to take revenge on him from Samiullah.

Scene: 20903

Sayed Muhammad says to Sarwar Khan that he wants to sell a piece of his land. Sarwar Khan says that he would buy it.

Scene: 20904

Shahperai is crying. Atifa asks the reason. Shahperai says that Karim slapped on her face that why she doesn’t take care of Rabiagul.

Episode: 4181

Scene: 20905

Rahim blames his brother, Karim for beating Shahperai. Karim says that if Shahperai accepted his advice, he would never beat her. Rahim says that all members of the family have to consider health tips during coronavirus.

Scene: 20906

Palwasha asks Abida if she found a solution to the issue between Ahmad and Samiullah. Abida assures her that she would solve this issue very soon.

Scene: 20907

Gulmakai says to Fatima that Sayed Muhammad wants to sell a piece of his land to Sarwar Khan and then he would buy solar panels and batteries for the villagers. Fatima becomes happy and says that villagers would get their rights.

Scene: 20908

Naseem says to his brother, Rahim that he is recovered from coronavirus disease and wants to go to his shop.

Rahim prevents and wants him to stay in quarantine for 2 weeks more.

Scene: 20909

Janbaz seems angry. Lalbaz asks the cause of his anger. Janbaz wants him to leave him alone otherwise he would take the revenge of Purdil from him.

Episode: 4182

Scene: 20910

Shahperai sprays the doors and windows of the home. Karim says that he is sick and wants her to take care of him.

Rahim blames him that due to his carelessness, he was infected with the coronavirus.

Shahperais says that she is also suffering from headaches and coughing too.

Scene: 20911

Lalbaz says to his wife, Ghotai that Janbaz warns him that he would take the revenge of Purdil from him.

Ghotai says that it shows the enmity of Janbaz with his family.

Scene: 20912

Rahim is sad. His wife, Atifa asks the reason. Rahim says that coronavirus disease has taken the happiness of his family.

Scene: 20913

Sayed Muhammad wants to pay money to Mullah to buy solar panels and batteries for the villagers.

Mulllah rejects and suggests Sayed Muhammad take some members of the council and purchase the mentioned item from the market.

Scene: 20914

Sarwar Khan says to Ghafar that he wants to take the revenge of Ahmad from Samiullah.

Ghafar says that Samiullah regrets what he's done and, apologizes to Ahmed.