The Peace Melody

 Written by: Najia Nijat

First Lane:

Ilam is quarreling with his friend, Mahmood. Peddler arrives and he separated them and asks them about the cause of their quarrel.

Mahmood replies that Ilham always quarrels when he plays with him. Peddler wants them to reconcile and says that happiness and prosperity are in a peaceful situation and tells them a melody about peace. Children like the melody and they promise that they will never fight with others afterward.

Peddler gives each of them a plastic pigeon and says that the white pigeon is the symbol of peace and he goes to the next lane.

Second Lane:

Fahim says to his sister, Lema that he will tell a puzzle and adds that if she found the correct answer to it, he will give her a gift.

Meanwhile, the peddler arrives and they welcome him.

Peddler wants Fahim to tell the puzzle. Fahim says that he has 6 eggs. He breaks 2 of them; he cooks 2 of them and he eats 2 of them and he asks the peddler and Lema that how eggs are left with him.

Peddler replies that he knows the correct answer and wants Lema to answer the puzzle.

Lema finds some answers but Fahim doesn’t accept. Finally, Lema says that 4 eggs are left. Fahim accepts the answer and says that he will tell a joke as a gift to her. He tells the following joke, “Once a teacher asked a student to repeat a multiplication. The boy replied that he had forgotten the multiplication but he remembers the melody of it.”

Peddler and Lema like the joke. Peddler wants them to learn more jokes for next time and he goes to the last lane.

Third Lane:

Mena and Faisal are waiting in the lane for the peddler and Golden Wing fairy to come and tell them a new part of the serial.

Peddler arrives and the children welcome him and ask him about the Golden Wing fairy. Golden Wing Fairy comes out from the peddler’s bag and asks the children to repeat the previous part of the story.

Mena and Lema tell the previous part and the fairy tells them a new part of the story.