year: 27 Week: 50

Episode: 4177

Scene: 20885

Janbaz locks Lalbaz’s room and orders him to leave his house. Lalbaz asks the reason. Janbaz says that due to Lalbaz’s interference in his private affairs, he decided to evict him from his properties.

Scene: 20886

Rabiagul infects with coronavirus and says to Atifa that she could not wear a facemask. Atifa emphasizes putting the facemask for preventing the transition of coronavirus to others.

Scene: 20887

Fatih Khan gives some money to Jamal Khan. Jamal Khan asks the reason for giving money to him. Fatih Khan says that he decided to pay the wages of Jamal Khan and other workers who have built the wall of local classes.

Scene: 20888

Nargis suggests Abida establish a peace committee of upper and lower villages’ youths.

Abida accepts and says that this committee would help to prevent quarrels among them.

Scene: 20889

Atifa assures her husband, Rahim that she gives food to Rabiagul and Naseem.

Rahim wants her to wear a facemask and consider 2 meters distance when she gives them food.

Episode: 4178

Scene: 20890

Rabiagul sits in the sun in front of her room. Shaperai asks why she sits in the sun.

Rabiagul replies that she is suffering from leg pain.
Scene: 20891

Ghafar says to Majed that due to his need, he has to want his loan back for him.

Majed says that due to the spreading of coronavirus and quarantine, people do not believe in him.

Scene: 20892

Mullah wants Sayed Muhammad to buy a solar panel and its battery for every family in the village. Sayed Muhammad says that he doesn’t have money for this purpose.

Abida blames him for stealing batteries and solar panels.

Scene: 20893

Rabiagul is suffering from headaches and body pain. Karim assures her that he would bring her some medicines.

Scene: 20894

Lalbaz says to Adam Khan that he has broken Purdil’s head and adds that now he is afraid of him.

Adam Khan assures him that he would solve this issue.

Episode: 4179

Scene: 20895

Abida says to Ghafar that she needs some benevolent youths to work for the peace committee.

Ghafar says that he knows some of such boys and he will introduce them to her.

Scene: 20896

Naseem says to his brother, Rahim that if his mother, Rabiagul had been not coming to his room, she might not be infected with the coronavirus.

Rahim says that he prevented her but she did not accept.

Scene: 20897

Majed accepts his mistake of burning Mujeeb’s leg. The doctor wants him to not repeat such mistakes again.

Scene: 20898

Karim wants Shahperai to take care of Rabiagul till he brings medicines for her.

Rahim says that he would take care of Rabiagul.

Scene: 20899

Janbaz visits Purdil and says to him that he would punish Lalbaz and wants Purdil to arrange his wedding ceremony. Purdil says that he could not help him anymore.