Coronavirus and Social media

 Written by: Muhammad Anwar Andar

Lailuma goes with her brother, Atal to the castle and they see that Lalo Mama is busy reading a massage on his mobile phone. Meanwhile, he seems very sad. Atal and Lailuma greet him and ask about his sadness. Lalo Mama replies that some juveniles spread incorrect information about coronavirus on social media and send such information through messengers too.

Atal says that he also spreads false information about coronavirus on social media for his time pass. Lalo Mama says that spreading false information is very dangerous. Lailuma asks about the dangers of such information.

 Lalo Mama opens a window about this issue.


Atal and Lailuma see an old man at his home in the window. The old man says to his grandson that he is suffering from leg pain and wants him to give him some hot tea but the grandson was busy on his mobile phone and looks very sad. The grandfather asks about his sadness. The grandson replies that his friend’s grandmother was suffering from leg pain and the doctor had told her that leg pain is the symptom of coronavirus a and she died of her leg pain. When the grandfather heard this news, he faints and falls on the ground. All the members of his family surround him and they are crying.

Lalo Mama closes the window. Lailuma asks if the grandfather was suffering from coronavirus. Lalo Mama replies no and adds that the old man was suffering from leg pain but when he heard the incorrect information about coronavirus from his grandson, he became unconscious. Lalo Mama says that incorrect information about coronavirus on social media causes more problems and then he opens another window.


In the window, the reporter of the castle is talking to some juveniles about the risk of spreading false information about coronavirus on social media.

Zabihullah Andar says, “I faced with psychological problem after reading dreadful information about coronavirus on Facebook. I have not eaten anything for 14 days and the fear of coronavirus threatens me every second.”

Rahmatullah Ziar says, “One of the women in our relatives faced the mental problem. When she hears the name of coronavirus in her house, she becomes uncurious.”

Then the reporter talks to Doctor Haroon Jelani. Jelani says, “Spreading false information about coronavirus cause depression to some people and depression is more dangerous than coronavirus.

Incorrect information leads people the wrong way and causes hiding true information and no one would be able to find a solution to these problems. Some people may try to commit suicide. People should accept only the information provided by the World Health Organization and the information provided by the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan.”

Lalo Mama closes this window too. Atal promises that he would no longer spread wrong information about coronavirus on social media.