Mocking (imitation)

Written by: Najia Nijat


Hasib and Huma are the guests of Lalo Mama. They are waiting for him in the yard of the castle. Huma’s leg is hurt and could not walk well. Hasib imitates her and walks lane. Lalo mama arrives. They greet him. Lalo Mamo takes them to the corridor of the castle.

Huma shares the issue of imitation of Hasib with Lalo Mama. Lalo Mama opens a window about imitation for their information about mocking.


In the window, the reporter of the castle is talking with some youths about imitation.

Sanga from Khost province says: When our family was shifted to Kabul for the first time, I had henna on my hands. While I went to school, my classmates mocking me and I did not dare to go to school for a long time. My mother advised me not care about the mocking of my classmates but I had missed my lessons.

Lalo Mama closes the window. Hasib accepts that mocking of someone is not a good habit and asks excuse of Huma.