Year: 27 Week: 49

Episode: 4174

Scene: 20870

Dinner is ready. Rabiagul wants to call Naseem to eat foods together butRahim says that due to the transition of coronavirus, the members of the family should eat foods separately and adds that he would give food to Naseem. Rabiagul denies and says that she will give Naseem’s food by her hands.

Scene: 20871

Jamal Khan wants Fatih Khan the wages of him and the workers who built the local classes’ wall.

Fatih Khan says that he doesn’t have money to pay them.

Scene: 20872

Rabiagul gives Naseem’s food. Naseem wants her to consider social distance but Rabialgul checks his fever by touching his hand.

Scene: 20873

Purdil says to Lalbaz that he and Janbaz decided to sell a piece of Janbaz’s land. Lalbaz gets angry and breaks his head with a stone.

Scene: 20874

Jamal Khan warns Gulkhan that if his father, Fatih Khan doesn’t pay his and the wages of the workers, he would take Gulkhan’s tractor.

Gulkhan says that it would be better to talk to Fatih Khan about this issue.

Episode: 4175

Scene: 20875

Rahim says to his mother, Rabiagul and his wife, Atifa to keep away from Naseem because Naseem in infected with coronavirus.

Rabiagul doesn’t accept and says that she could not leave his son alone.

Scene: 20876

Gulkhan asks Fatih Khan that why he doesn’t want to pay the wages of Jamal Khan and other workers.

Fatih Khan says that as he did get the land of local classes, so that he could not pay them.

Scene: 20877

Ahmad pulls Samiullah and wants him to go with him. Samiullah warns him to leave the volleyball ground, otherwise he would be killed.

Scene: 20878

Rahim says to Gulalai that he transferred the messages of health staffs about coronavirus to the members of his home but Rabia doesn’t accept. Gulalai emphasizes him to convince her to be away from Naseem.

Scene: 20879

Lalabaz comes home and says to Ghotai that he broke Purdil’s head. Ghotai wants him to hide somewhere else.

Episode: 4176

Scene: 20880

Purdil says to Karim that he would write a petition against Lalbaz in the district office.

Karim says that it would be better if he makes amends from Lalbaz instead of writing a petition.

Scene: 20881

Ahmad looks angry and says that he would give Samiullah a good lesson next time. Abida says that Nargis prevented Samiullah and other youths from involving in the quarrel.

Scene: 20882

Atifa prepared food and wants Rahim to give it to Naseem but Rabiagul insists that she would give the food to Naseem.

Scene: 20883

Shukria says to Zarmena that Fatih Khan is blamed for quarrelling with Akbar. Zamena says that Akbar would forgive him.

Scene: 20884

Ahmad asks his wife, Palwasha that why she has come to the volleyball ground. Palwasha replies to prevent fight between the youths of upper and lower villages.