Considering the season in business

  Written by: Aqsa Sediqi

Those who are successful in their business, before starting work, in addition to paying attention to the customer's demands, they also consider which season of the year is more beneficial for their business.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Malawi Yusuf, a resident of Kariz-e-Mir area, Shakardara district, Kabul province. Yusuf says about his business, “I cultivate legion plants for sale in my 100 acres of agricultural land.

I have spent about 2 million Afghanis on the cultivation and growing of this plant. I had prepared 600-kilogram legion seeds too beside 250 thousand saplings of legion. I sell each kilogram legion seeds for 350 Afghanis and the price of each sapling is 10-13 Afghanis.

I had sold about 250 thousand saplings and 750-kilogram legion seeds last year. I start the cultivation of legion in October and lasts about 3 months.”

Some businessmen could not sell their goods according to their desire because they have not marketed to promote their products. But; Some others have found solution for this issue.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Ajmal, the owner of one of the grocery stores in Kabul city.

Ajmal says, “At the beginning, I faced economic problems due to the lack of customers. Later I decided to have a discount in my shop goods. I printed the discount price of each item found in my shop and I distributed to the people.

After sometimes, the number of customers increased and now I have enough customers. If my neighbor shopkeeper has 10 customers daily, I would have about 100 customers. If I get 10 Afghani benefit from each customer, I will get 1000 Afghanis benefit from 100 customers and this much benefit is convenient for me.”