Year: 27 Week: 48

Episode: 4171

Scene: 20855

Nazanin goes to the village council and wants Samandar to solve the problem between the youths of upper and lower villages.

Samandar says that the council is busy solving another issue and when they solve it, then they would pay attention to this issue.

Scene: 20856

Janbaz wants Abida to propose a widow for him.

Abida says that it would be better to send Ghotai for this purpose.

Scene: 20857

Naseem informs Ahmad that the next day the youths of the lower village would come to the volleyball ground. Ahmad says that it is an appropriate time for taking revenge and wants Naseem to inform other youths of the upper village to come to the volleyball ground.

Scene: 20858

Rahimdad is playing the drum. Ghafar asks the reason. Rahimdad replies that donated solar panels and batteries are stolen and he wants to inform the villagers to participate in a gathering which would be held the next day.

Scene: 20859

Gulkhan says to Samandar that he tried to convince his father, Fatih Khan to participate in the council’s meeting but he did not accept.

Samandar warns that the villagers would cut ties with Fatih Khan.

Episode: 4172

Scene: 20860

Samiullah says to Samargul that they will have a volleyball match at the volleyball ground.

Samar informs him that the youths of the upper village will prevent them.

Majid gets angry and wants Samargul and Samiullah to come to the ground with big sticks.

Scene: 20861

Dilbaro goes to Janbaz’s house and wants Ghotai to inform Janbaz that she and Abida had gone to propose a widow for Janbaz.

Ghotai says that it would be better if Dilbaro's husband, Adam Khan informs Janbaz of this issue.

Scene: 20862

Many villagers take part in a gathering holds in front of the village council office. Jandad and Allahdad blame the village council for stealing solar panels.

Rahim wants them to stop accusing others until the issue is not cleared.

Scene: 20863

Shukria asks Gulkhan about coming late home. Gulkhan replies that he had gone to the village council office. Fatih Khan warns him that he could not go to the village council office without his permission. Gulkhan says that if Fatih Khan doesn’t want to participate in the meeting o  the village council, the villagers will cut ties with him.

Scene: 20864

It is midnight and Sayed Muhammad goes to Karim’s house and asks him why he has revealed the secret of stealing solar panels and batteries. Karim replies that he has not told anyone about this issue.

Episode: 4173


Allahdad goes to Naseem’s shop. Naseem says that he is suffering from headaches and body pain. Allahdad says that these are signs of coronavirus disease and wants him to pay attention to his health.

Scene: 20866

Fatih Khan participates in the meeting of the village council. Majid says to Fatih Khan the local classes belong to the villagers and he wants  Fatih Khan to give up his lawsuit.  Fatih Khan says that if the villagers pay him the amount of money that he has spent on the construction of the wall, he would give up his lawsuit.


Janbaz complains to Purdil from his penniless. Purdil suggests him to sell a piece of his land.

Scene: 20868

Naseem says to his brother, Rahim that Allahdad says to him that that signs of his disease are similar to coronavirus symptoms. Rahim suggests him to consider the advice of healthcare professionals.

Scene: 20869

Palwasha calls Nargis and informs her that Ahmad goes to the volleyball ground and has a knife with him.

Nargis worries and promises to prevent him from any kind of conflict.