Written: Yama Rahi

Many people want to start economic activity according to their study field and the experiences they have.

Safi Nazari, a resident of Badakhshan province, who studied business administration, started to sell homegrown products in Kabul city.

He says to the writer/producer of AEPO about his work:

At the beginning, I was selling only honey and later on, I added some other materials to it.

Now I prepare honey, sesame oil, curd, cumin, saffron and other homegrown products from Badakhshan and Takhar provinces and sell them here in our store in Kabul city. I prefer to collect the materials from first hand. It helps the farmers to sell their products easily and we get the natural products at low price and this causes to increase our customers.


Ziaullah is another resident of Kabul city who prepares bread for Shorma (a Turkish kebab).
He says: “the ingredients of Shorma bread are: salt, sugar, yeast, oil, and milk. We produce about 3000 loaves of bread daily and sell them in Kabul city and some neighboring provinces. Our monthly income reaches about Afs. 500000 and get about Afs. 150000 net benefit each month.