year: 27 Week: 47

  Year: 27 Week: 47

Episode: 4168

Scene: 20840

Fatih Khan is angry and takes a gun and wants to leave the home. His wife, Shukria wants Nargis to prevent him from going. Nargis asks the reason. Shukria replies that he wants to take revenge on Akbar.

Nargis says that she would share the issue with the village council.

Scene: 20841

Lalbaz says to Adam Khan that he wants to live separately from his father, Janbaz.

Adam Khan wants him to wait till he discusses the issue with Janbaz.

Scene: 20842

Naseem says to Jandad that he doesn’t have good relationships with his uncle, Sayed Muhammad due to his wrongdoing.

Jandad says that he will inform the villagers about the theft of Sayed Muhammad so that they could claim their rights. 

Scene: Scene: 20843

 Majed says to his wife, Shazia that he found a job in the district bazaar. Shazia blames him for not trying to a find job earlier.

Scene: 20844

Adam Khan warns Akbar and his son, Qambargul to leave the local classes’ land otherwise he would shoot them.

Akbar and Qambargul say that they are not afraid of killing.

Episode: 4169

Scene: 20845

Mullah knocks on Sayed Muhammad’s house gate and says to Rahimdad that Sayed Muhammad doesn’t want to open the door.

Rahimdad looks angry and says that he will unmask his theft to the villagers.

Scene: 20846

Akbar says to a gathering that Fatih Khan wants to usurp the land of local classes.

Samandar promises that villagers will unite against his usurp.

Scene: 20847

Adam Khan shares the issue of Lalbaz’s separation with Janbaz.

 Janbaz warns that he would never allow him to be separated.

Scene: 20848

Mullah says to Abida that he decided to want Rahim to summon Fatih Khan to the council.

Abida says that if they prove that Sayed Muhammad has stolen solar panels and batteries, then he should pay money to the villagers.

Scene: 20849

Samargul says to Samiullah that the youths of the upper village want to take revenge on Samiullah. Samiullah wants Samargul to get ready for fighting.

Episode: 4170

Scene: 20850

Lalbaz says to his wife, Ghotai that Janbaz would deprive him of his inheritance.

Ghotai asks the solution. Lalbaz replies that he doesn’t know what to do.

Scene: 20851

Gulkhan asks his father, Fatih Khan that why he doesn’t want to attend the village council meeting. Fatih Khan replies that he doesn’t need to waste his time by going to the village council.

Scene: 20852

Karim says to Sayed Muhammad that solar panels have more customers. Sayed Muhammad wants him to sell all the solar panels and a low rate.

Scene: 20853

Janbaz asks Purdil if he talks to the widow’s family or not. 

Purdil replies that only his talking is not enough and he wants Janbaz to send women for the proposal.

Scene: 20854

Palwasha wants Nargis to prevent fighting among the youths of upper and lower villages.

Nargis promises that he would share the issue with the village council.