Eggs Benefits

 Written by: Muhammad Anwar Andar

First Lane:

Wazhma eats a boiled egg and she invites her brother, Ajmal to eat an egg too but Ajmal denies and says that he doesn’t like eggs. Meanwhile, the peddler arrives at the lane and children welcome him.

Peddler asks them about their argument. Ajmal says that he hates eating eggs but Wazhma insists to eat it. Peddler says that Ajmal might know about the benefits of eggs.

Ajmal asks about the benefits of them. Meanwhile, a big egg comes out from the peddler’s bag and says, “Eggs have been considered the standard against which all other protein foods are measured because their protein composition is so ideal.

Eggs are the perfect food because they contain all nine essential amino acids and protein. Eggs contain calcium for strengthening bones including teeth. Eggs contain iron that prevents anemia in the human body and eating boiled eggs stops diarrhea.

Ajmal takes a boiled egg from Wazhma and wants to eat it but the peddler wants him to wash his hands first.

Peddlers wants them to avoid eating more than one boiled egg a day and when he wants to go the next lane, Ajmal stops him and tells the following joke:

“A boy asks his friend that he has something in his hand and if he finds the name of it, he would give it to him. His friend wants some signs of it. The boy says that the outer part of it is white and the inner part is white and yellow. His friend says that he has a carrot in a turnip.”

Peddler likes the joke and he wants the children to tell the joke to their friends and he goes to the next lane.

Second Lane:

Sultan and his sister, Karima feed chickens in the lane. Peddler comes and greets them. Peddler asks them if they like chicken more. Sultan and Karima confirm his guess. Karima says that they have learned a melody about chickens.

Peddler wants them to tell the melody to him too and they tell the melody. Peddler gives a small plastic bucket to each of them to water the chicken in them and he goes home.