What is a Set?

First Lane:

Safia and her friends are making dishes from clay. Safia claims that she makes dinnerware set but her brother, Waheed doesn’t accept and pretends that dishes are counted in dozens, not in sets. Meanwhile, the peddler comes and the children welcome him.

Peddler asks about their argument. Waheed says that Safia counts dishes in the set but I want her to count them in dozen. Peddler says that A dozen are some certain objects. Waheed says, a dozen of glasses or a dozen of plates.

Safia says that they have a set of dishes at home. The peddler accepts both. Waheed asks about the set. Peddler replies that a set also a number of non-certain objects. He adds that each dozen can be a set but each set cannot be a dozen.

Children ask about the difference between a set and a dozen. Peddler replies that a dozen cups are only twelve or six cups but a set of dishes includes small and big dishes, plates, spoons and forks and so on which have the same color from the same class.

Peddler asks Waheed to give an example of a set. Waheed says that his mother has a set of gold jewelry. Safia says that they have a bath set consists of a wastebasket, bucket, soap dish, tissue box, and toothbrush holder, and so on. Peddler accepts and then he goes to the next lane.

Second Lane:

Tamana says to her brother, Firoz to find a correct answer to a puzzle that she would tell him. Peddler arrives and they warmly welcome him. Peddler wants Tamana to tell her puzzle. Tamana tells the following puzzle, “I found a fruit that its shell is black but its kernel is white.”

Firoz found some answers but Tamana does not accept. Finally, he finds the correct answer which is pine nut. Peddler gives them some pine nuts to eat them and he goes to another lane.

Third Lane:

Peddler enters into the lane with the Golden Wing fairy. Fawad and Lamia welcome them. The Golden Wing fairy wants the children to repeat the previous part of the story and then she would tell them the new part of it.

Fawad and Lamia tell the summary of the previous part of the story of “A piece of dry curd”.

The fairy tells a new part of the story and then the peddler and Golden Wing fairy go home and the children also go their homes.