Breaking Hard things with Teeth

Written by: Muhammad Anwar Andar

First Lane:

Abid has a few almonds and gives some of them to her sister, Nooria. Nooria says that there is nothing around here to break them with it. Abid says that he knows how to break them, and he holds an almond among his teeth.

Meanwhile, the peddler comes and prevents Abid from crushing almond with teeth and says that breaking hard nuts with teeth is dangerous and then he brings out a magic mirror from his bag.

 Children see that Anas is in a hospital and complains from toothache. The doctor asks the reason. Anas says that he was breaking pistachio with his teeth but he broke one of his teeth and blood came from his mouth.

The doctor prescribed some medicines and says to Anas that teeth are for chewing soft foods not for breaking hard nuts.

Peddler takes back the magic mirror in the bag and wants the children to find two clean stones and break the almond with them and he goes to the next lane.

Second Lane:

Peddler enters the lane and sees that Saira and Nazir are laughing. When the peddler reaches near them, they welcome the peddler. Peddler asks them the reason for their laughing.

Nazir replies that Saira has leaned a new joke. Peddler wants her to tell the joke to him too. Saira tells the following joke, “A son asks his mother that what she has cooked for lunch. The mother replies, spinach.

The son says that he doesn’t like spinach. The mother says that spinach is high in iron. The boy says that he drank water a few minutes before and adds that if he eats iron-rich spinach, then he will be affected with rust.”

Peddler likes the joke. The children ask about their gifts. Peddler tells them a short sentence and wants children to repeat the sentence ten times without hesitation.

They try so many times but make mistakes. Peddler gives them more time and they succeed to tell the sentence ten times without any mistake. Peddler gives each of them a plastic ball and he goes to the other lane.

Third Lane:

Waheed and Sana are waiting for the peddler and Golden Wing fairy to come and tells them a new part of the story.

Peddler arrives with the fairy and the children welcome them. Sana wants fairy to tell them a new part of the story of “A piece of dry curd”.

The Golden Wing fairy wants them to repeat the previous part and repeat it. The fairy tells another part of the story.