Quarantine and Patience

 Written by: Wajiha Sayar

Gulchehar and her brother, Dilawar go to the castle to visit Lalo Mama. Dilwar gets angry at Gulchera but Gulchehra wants him to be patient. Lalo Mama comes and after greeting, he asks his guests why they came during quarantine time. Dilawar says that he was near to get mad at home. Gulchehra says that she gets tired of wearing facemask all the time.

Lalo Mama takes them inside the castle and there in the castle, he asks about the anger of Dilawar. 

Dilawar replies that the quarantine is not ending and children caused him to lose his patience. He adds that he was very bored today and wanted to beat his small sisters and brothers but Gulchera prevented him and takes him to the castle.

Lalo Mama says that most youths have the same problem during staying at homes and then he turns on a few voice messages of some youths.

Maliha says, “The first days of quarantine were not bad for me because I was studying hard and I need to have a rest but later I was getting tired. I was just eating and sleeping and this caused me to lose my patience and become depressed. I could not tolerate the noise of children. I wanted to beat them or hit my head on the wall. When I phoned to my friends, they had the same problems.”

Safiullah, a resident of Jalalabad city, Nangarhar province says, “The quarantine days are hard to pass at home. I cannot tolerate the noise of children. Once my small brother was making noise during playing. I wanted him to be quiet but he did not accept. I threw my mobile phone on him. He got an injury on his head and my mobile phone broke.”

Lalo Mama turns off his mobile phone.

Dilawar asks lalo Mama about the solution to this issue.

Lalo Mama opens a window for their information.


In the window, Khalid is sitting beside a stream and he is talking angrily to someone on the mobile phone. Meanwhile, his friend, Mahmood comes and greets Khalid from the other side of the river. Mahmood asks about the anger of Khalid. Khalid replies that he is very bored staying at home during quarantine time. He adds that he is always beating his small sisters and brothers and his parents get angry at him. Mahmood wants him to be kind to the children and keep them busy with some easy activities like drawing and so on.

Khalid thanks, Mahmood and goes to apply what Mahmood said.

 Lalo Mama closes the window.

Dilawar promises that he would also be kind to his small brothers and sisters and would assign them some easy activities.