The Game

 Written by: Najia Nijat

First Lane:

Osman is busy playing a game on his mobile phone. His sister, Frishta asks him to take the phone to her mother but Osman says that when he finishes the game, then he would give back the phone to his mother. Meanwhile, the peddler arrives and the children welcome him. Peddler asks about their argument. Frishta replies that Osman is always busy playing a game on the mobile phone and she adds he does not study his school lessons.

Peddler brings out the magic mirror from his bag. Osman and Frishta see that Emal is playing a game on his computer at home. His sister, Nadia says to him that the next day, their final exams would start and she wants Emal to study his school lesson but he continues his game. Nadia wants him to go to the other room and lets her alone to study her lessons but Emal doesn’t care about what Nadia says.

Some days later, Nadia seas that email is crying. Nadia asks the reason. Emal says that he is failed in so many subjects. Nadia blames him for always playing a game.

Peddler closes the magic mirror. Osman says that he would not play the game anymore.

Peddler wants him to play a game and also study his lessons. Peddler adds that he has talked to some children about this issue and he has recorded their voices. Then he turns on his mobile phone.

Hamza, a third-grade student says, “I spend my most time studying school lessons and when I get tired, I play a game on my computer.”

Mena says, “I have a timetable for study and playtime. I always get the first position in the class.”

Osman knows his mistake and says that he would also make a timetable for studying and playing.

Pedder gives a plastic mobile phone to each of the children to play a game on them in their free time and then he goes to the next lane.

Second Lane:

Tahira says to her brother, Nazer that she has learned a new joke. Meanwhile, the peddler enters the lane, and children warmly welcome him. Nazir says to the peddler that Tahira has learned a new joke. Peddler wants Tahira to tell the joke to him too.

Tahira tells the following joke, “A student asked the teacher that if some has not done anything, would you punish him/her. The teacher replied, no. The student said that she had not done her home assignment.” Peddler likes the joke, and he wants the children to share the joke with their friends, and then he goes to the other lane.

Third Lane:

Peddler and Golden Wing fairy enter the lane. Naseema, Nqib, and some other children welcome them. Naseema wants the fairy to tell them a new part of the story “A Piece of Dry Curd”.

The fairy wants them to tell her the last part of the story. Naseema and Naqib repeat the last part of the story. The fairy tells them the second part of the story.