Being careful with Classmates' Notebook

Written by: Muhammad Anwar Andar

Tahmina wants to go the castle with her brother, Janan. Tahmina has cooked Bolani (a special Afghani food) and she wants janan to wrap Bolanis in a paper and put in a plastic bag and Janan wraps and takes them with himself.

 When they reached to castle, Lalo Mama welcomes them. Janan presents the Bolanis to Lalo Mama. When Lalo Mama unwraps the Bolani from the paper, Tahmina gets angry and asks Janan that why he has torn pages from her classmate’s notebook. Janan replies that he has just torn two pages from the notebook.

Lalo Mama takes them inside the castle and there in the castle Janan complains from Tahmina that why she become angry for tearing two pages of the notebook.

Lalo Mama says that this issue might create some problems and then he opens a window for their information.


In the window, the reporter of the castle says that some students take their classmates’ notebooks to copy the note from them, but some students do not take care of the borrowed notebooks and this issue create some problems to the owners and borrowers of the notebooks.

Then the reporter talks to some juveniles about this issue.

Laila Qaharzai, a student of Bibi Ayesha High School, Jalalabad city, Nangarhar province says, “I had borrowed a note from one of classmates to copy some notes that I was absent on those days. The notebook dropped in water from me and when I wanted to dry it on the fire flame, it burnt. When my classmate got aware of the issue, she got angry with me and she never wants to borrow me her notebooks.”

Razma says, “Once one of classmates borrowed a notebook from me and she gave me it back, her small brother had torn some pages from the notebook.”

Lalo Mama closes the window. Tahmina asks that what she would tell to her classmate. Lalo Mama opens another window about this issue.


 In the window, the reporter of the castle says that some students take care of the borrowed notebooks and then she talks to some other juveniles.

Muhammad Nadir, a student of Sultan Ghyasudding High School, Herat city, Herat province says, “When our classmates help us to borrow his/her notebooks, it’s our job to take care of their notebooks. When we copy the note, we should keep the notebooks in a safe place out of the reach of the children. And when give the borrowed notebooks bake on time without any damage to their owners, they would be happy and would give us their notebooks whenever we need them.”

Sobia, another student of Bibi Ayesha High School says, “As we keep our notebooks clean and safe, we should also take care of the borrowed notebooks too and give the notebooks back to their owners safely, they would give us their notebooks anytime we need them.”

Lalo Mama closes this window too. Janan says that he has made a mistake to tear the pages from the notebook and he promises that he would take care of the borrowed books and notebooks like he takes care of his notebooks.