Keeping Queue in School Canteen

Written by: Wajiha Sayar

First Lane:

Shabnan is crying in the alley. Her brother, Omid wants to take her home. Meanwhile, peddler comes and after greeting, he asks about the crying of Shabnam.

Omid says that she wanted to buy something from the canteen of the school, but she lost her money in the crowd in front of the canteen.

Peddler brings out the magic mirror from his bag. Shabnam and Omid see the school canteen in the mirror. Fareed, Satar and many other students want to buy something from the canteen but due to the crowd, none of them succeeds. They blame each other for disobedient of their turn. The owner of the canteen wants the students to be quite. Satar loses his shirt button and someone tears his shirt.

Peddler turns the other side of the mirror. Shabnam and Satar see that

Sitara wants her classmates not to make a crowd in front of the canteen. Fatana asks about the solution. Sitara says that if all the students stand in a row for buying things from the canteen, there would be no crowd and all the students would buy what they want.

Peddler puts the mirror back in the bag.

Omid says that he would share the issue of keeping queue in canteen with his classmates.

Peddler goes to the next lane.

Second Lane:

Muneera, Jawid, and some other students go home from school. They visit peddler in the lane and greet him. Muneera presents a biscuit to the peddler. Peddler sees that all the children have eating staffs in their hands and he asks them how all they bought things from the school canteen. Jawid tells him a melody about keeping queue in the school canteen.

Peddler likes the melody and wants the children to learn the melody from Jawid and then tell it to their other classmates. Peddler goes to the lane of the story.

Third Lane:

Mansoura hears the voice of flute and she tells her brother, Samir about the coming of the peddler. Peddler arrives with Golden Wing fairy and they welcome them. Mansoura wants the fairy to tell them a new part of the story of …. Fairy wants them to repeat the previous part of the story and they repeat.

Fairy starts the second part of the story.