Flying Taxi

 Written by: M.Andar

 Qaum and Shahla are the guests of Lalo Mama. Qaum seems sad and says to Lalo Mama that he always goes to picnic with his friends and they pay the cost of a picnic for him because his father doesn’t have enough money to pay his pocket money. Lalo Mama says that he could study and work to get his pocket money. Qaum asks how to get pocket money. Lalo Mama says that he knows a boy who studies school and also gains his pocket money. Shahla asks more information about that boy. Lalo Mama opens a window.


In the window, the reporter of the castle is talking to Fayaz, a 10th-grade student in one of the schools in Kabul city. Fayaz says: one and half year before, I started to work as a pupil in flowers decoration shop. At the beginning, it was difficult for me, but later on, I learned how to decorate a car, jug, tray and so on with flowers.

 At that time, the owner of the shop had been paying me Afs. 300 per week, but when I learned to work, he pays me Afs. 4000 per month. I come to shop at 7 am and at 1 pm I go to school and after school, I come again to my duty and work till 6:30 pm. I study my lessons in my free time in the shop and also at home. I go to a picnic with friends on my weekend because I get enough money to spend for the needs of my school and daily use.

Lalo Mama closes the window. Qaum becomes happy to know how to find money during studying and says that he is so happy that he wants to fly without wing. Lalo Mama says that he would ask someone to bring a flying taxi for him and he opens another window about flying taxi.


The reporter of the castle gives some information about flying taxi to Hasiba and Matin. He says that the electrically powered driverless flying taxis (drones) named Ehang 184-have already been seen hovering above the sand dunes near the city's airfield during test flights. The drone is small enough to fit into a car parking space when folded up. The one-seater passenger drones are set to start picking up passengers in July this year. The drones are an easy-to-use innovation that can transport up to 100 kilograms -enough for one person and a suitcase - on a pre-programmed route through the city.

"The passenger just needs to pick the destination through a smart screen and will cruise at around 100 kilometers per hour. With a 30-minute maximum battery time, it won't take you very far.

Lalo Mama closes this window too.