Straightway to Home

  Written by: Wajiha Sayar

Assad forces his sister, Frishta to go with him to school on an unfamiliar way to reach soon but Frishta could not cross a big stream on the new way and she blames Assad for choosing this way.

Meanwhile, the peddler comes, and they great him. Peddler asks about their argument. Frishta says that Assad wants her to go with him to school in a new way.

Peddler asks the reason for going on the new way from Assad. Assad replies that he wants to reach soon to school.

Peddler says that unknown ways might be dangerous and then he brings out his magic mirror from the peddler. 

Frishta and Assad see Satar and with his sister, Huma look distressed in a desert. Huma blames Satar that why he chose this way. Satar says that he thought that this is the nearest way to school. Satar and Huma were very sad and they do not know to go back home. Meanwhile, they hear the howl of a wolf and their fear increases and they hide beside a big tree.

Later, they see a shepherd in the desert and they go near him. The shepherd asks them what they are doing in the desert. Huma and Satar tell him the whole story.

The shepherd tells them about the dangers of this way and adds that there might mines and explosives in this desert. Satar and Huma confirm and say that they saw the skeletons of some animals in the desert. The shepherd helps them to the right way to their home.

The peddler put back the magic mirror in the bag.

Assad and Frishta promise that they would never try unfamiliar ways afterward. Peddler goes to the next lane.

Second Lane:

Qudsia and Mahmood are laughing. Peddler arrives and after greeting, he asks the reason for their laughter. Mahmood says that Qudsia has learned a new joke. Peddler wants Qudsia to tell the joke to him too. Qudsia tells the following joke, “Two madmen in an asylum go to the doctor and say to him that they are recovered and want him to release them from the asylum. The doctor gives a colander to one of them and wants him to bring some water in it. The second madman says that his friend is so lazy and wants the doctor to give the colander to him.”

The peddler likes the joke and he wants the children to find more jokes for next time and when he wants to go to the other lane, the Golden Wing fairy comes and she asks the children to repeat the previous part of the story of Reckless Rabbit.

Mahmood and Qudsia repeat the previous part and the fairy tells them the last of the story.