​No Dispute

 Written by: Muhammad Anwar

First Lane:

Some children are playing in the lane without Shaheen. Peddler arrives and they welcome him. Peddler asks Shaheen that why he is not playing with them. Shaheen says that other children do not let him play. Peddler asks the reason.

Shaheen’s sister, Raheema replies that Shaheen always quarrels in playing. She adds that Shaheen had quarreled with his two classmates at school too.

A child says that Shaheen had quarreled with her too.  Another child says that Shaheen tore her notebook and he beat her too and now none of us would play with him.

Peddler also blames Shaheen and adds that if he did have a quarrel with them, they would let him play with them. Shaheen promises that he would no longer engage in quarrels with anyone.

Peddler turns on his talking box and a child tells a melody about the consequences of quarrel on children. Children like the melody and they learn it. Peddler goes to the next lane.

Second Lane:

Obaid and his sister, Fatima are playing in the alleyway. Fatima has made a bed from some small sticks and she lays down her dolls in it. Peddler comes and the children warmly welcome him. Peddler loughs. Fatima asks the reason. Peddler says that he remembers a joke about the bed.

Children ask him to tell the joke to them too. peddler tells the following joke:

"Three children were sitting on a bed but the bed was accommodated for 2 children. One of the children got down from the bed. The other two asked him to sit back on the bed. The first boy asked the reason. The two children said that when he got down from the bed, now there is a lot of space in the bed."

Children like the joke. Peddler wants them to learn more jokes for nest time and he goes to the lane of the story.

Third Lane:

Malalai and Jawid are waiting for the peddler and Golden Wing fairy to come and tell them a new part of the story of Reckless Rabbit.

Peddler arrives with Golden Wing fairy and after greeting the children, the fairy wants the children to repeat the previous part of the story and they repeat it. Golden Wind fairy tells them the third part of the Reckless Rabbit story.