Separate Notebook for each Subject

Written by: Najia Nijat

First Lane: 

Mariam asks her brother, Ilias that why he has drawn pictures; written mathematics notes, and noted learning skills in a single notebook. Ilias replies that it makes no difference for him.

Meanwhile, peddler comes and they warmly greet him. Peddler asks about their argument. Mariam shares the issue of writing so many subjects in one notebook with the peddler and wants him to tell about the benefits of having a separate notebook for each subject.

Peddler brings out his magic mirror from his bag and he puts a spell on it. Mariam and Ilias see a class in the mirror.

First Scene:

It’s an exam day. The teacher is checking the notebooks of the students. When he checks Ajmal’s notebook, he considers that Ajmal has noted all subjects in a single notebook. She reduces Ahmad’s scores.

Ahmad goes home. His sister, Lima says to Ajmal that she passed the first exam successfully and she shows her notebook to Ajmal that her teacher has appreciated her for keeping her notebook clean and she has gotten excellent marks for her notebook. Ajmal promises that he would also pay attention to his notebooks afterward.

Peddler put the mirror back in the bag. Ilias says that now he knows about the importance of keeping the notebooks clean and he would write each subject in a separate notebook.

Peddler tells them the following joke as a gift.

"A boy was playing football with a donkey. A passerby asked him that why is playing football with a donkey. The boy replied that the donkey has scored two goals yet."

The children like the joke and the peddler goes to the lane of the story.

Second Lane:

Nadia and her brother, Atal are waiting for the peddler and Golden Wing fairy to come and tell them a new part of the story.

Nadia hears the voice a flute and she says to Atal about the coming of the peddler. They go neat and greet him. Nadia wants the Golden Wing fairy to tell them a new part of the story.

Golden Wing fairy wants them to repeat the previous part first. Nadia and Atal repeat it. Golden Wing fairy tells them a new part of the story.