Cash Bet on Sports

 Written by: Muhammad Anwar Andar

 Jamal goes with his sister, Nooria to the castle. They are waiting in the yard of the castle for Lalo Mama. Jamal is happy and says to Nooria that today is a football match between two teams in the school and their team would beat the other team and they would win a cash bet.

Nooria asks about the bet. Jamal says that both team have collected money and if any team beat the other, the winning team would win the bet too.

 Lalo Mama arrives and after welcoming them, he takes them inside the castle.

There in the castle, Lalo Mama asks about their discussion. Jamal shares the issue of cash bet with Lalo Mama.

Lalo Mama says the bet on sports might cause some problems among students and he opens a window about this issue for his guests’ information.


In the window, the reporter of the castle is talking to some juveniles about cash bet on sports among students.

Abdul Zahir, a resident of Nangarhar province says, “We always play cricket and we make cash bet or fresh fruits bet on the match. One day I was watching the match and we had a cash bet. Each team was trying to win the match. One team won but the other team was not accepting. One of the players hit his bat on the head of the other team member. A fight took place between two teams and after that day, they are not talking to each other and they did not play any match.”

Shalazai, a resident of Qarabagh district, Kabul province says, “Once we were playing cricket in our school. We had made a bet of 2500 Afghanis but the decision of no-ball aroused controversy among the students. The head of one the students broke and we took him to hospital. After that day, the school administration banned the bet.”

Then the reporter asks the juveniles about the causes for cash bet on sports.

Shalazai says, “Students enjoy playing and the bet on sports.”

The reporter says that some youths do not bet on sports. Then she talks to some other juveniles about this issue.

Muhammad Yunus, a resident of Qarabagh district says, “We always play football, cricket, and other sports but we had never bet on sports. Bet is a sin in Islam and it might cause argument among youths.”

Izatullah Majrohm, a resident of Sorkhrod district, Nangarhar province says, “We always play sports but we never bet on games because the bet is a kind of gambles and gamble is prohibited in Islam and as we do not bet on sports, we have not faced any problem yet.”

 Lalo Mama closes the window. Jamal says that now he knows about the negative effects of bet and he promises that he would never bet on sports and he would tell about this issue to his friends too.