: Year: 24 Week: 21

Human Rights:

Zarghona and Omid are doing their homework. Jandad praises their work. Zarghona says that study could cause of tiredness and they should have some recreations. Jandad prefers study on recreation, but Zarghona says that going to picnic reduce their exhaustion and asks Jandad to go with them to the hillside of the village.

When they go to the hillside, Omid likes the green park. Jandad says that some years back, it was a dusty hill and villagers made it green by collective work. He added that each family planted saplings according to the number of their family members. Omid promised to plant saplings in this park next spring.

Family Responsibilities for pregnant Women:

Gulalai and Shaperai are eating lunch. Gulalai advises Shaperai to eat nutritious food such as: beans, peas, meat and dairy products, because she is pregnant and these foods raise the resistance of the body against illness and she would  face no problem during delivery baby and her kid would also grow normally.

Shaperai goes to Abida’s House and wants to buy some eggs. Abida gives some eggs and advises her not to lift heavy weights and nor to do hard works.

When Shaperai returns home, she boils eggs and while she wants to eat them, Rabia Gul sees and accuses her for stealing eggs form home. Shaperai denies her accusation  and says that her husband, Karim allowed her to buy and eat anything she wants. Rabia Gul becomes angry and wants to clear the issue of injustice at home.

Women’s role in family economy:

Girls are celebrating the completion of tailoring course. Parigul praises the hard work of Ghotai with the pupils of the course. Ghotai thanks Abida to provide place for the course in her house.