The Balloon Puzzle

Written by: Wajiha Sayar

Safia is swinging in a swing with her brother, Tamim, and some other children. Safia falls from the swing, hurts her leg and she cries. She wants the children to play another game but they do not know what to play. Meanwhile, peddler comes and they welcome him. Peddler asks Safia that why she has held her leg. Safia says that she fell from the swing.

Peddler wants them to play the game of Flying. Children ask how they could play. Peddler says, “All children sit in a circle and put their hands on the ground. One child says, pigeon flies, then all children raise their hands. Then the child takes the names of different birds and flying insects and things and all children raise their hands. If the child says that the pen flies if anyone raises his/her hand, he/she would be excluded from the game, and then another child would continue the game.”

Children like and learn the game and peddler goes to the next lane.

Second Lane:

Tamana laughs on her brother, Firoz that he could not find the correct answer to the puzzle. Firoz says that the correct answer to the puzzle is fire. Meanwhile, peddler arrives with a bunch of hot air balloons, and children warmly welcome him.

Children want him to tell them a joke but peddler asks them to find the correct answer of the following puzzle; what is that thing which doesn’t have wings but flies?

Tamana says that might be a hen but peddler doesn’t accept. Tamim names cat but peddler doesn’t accept his answer either. After a while, Tamana finds the correct answer which is a balloon. Peddler gives each of the children an air hot balloon and he goes to the last lane.

Third Lane:

Abdullah and Maliha are waiting for the peddler to come and tell them a new story. Peddler comes with Golden Wing fairy and they welcome them.  Maliha wants the fairy to tell them a new story.

 The fairy tells the story of Reckless Rabbit”