Written by Muhammad Anwar Andar

Wasim goes with his sister, Leama to the castle. Lalo Mama welcomes them in the yard of the castle. Lalo Mama asks about Wasim’s cousin, Hameed that why he has not come with them.

Waseem replies that Hameed could not come to the castle due to injury in his head. Lalo Mama asks the reason.

Leema replies that Hameed had gone to school on his motorcycle last day and he had an accident and inmjured his head and she adds that Hameed is in the hospital now. Lalo Mama blames Waseem for his incautiousness but Waseem blames the driver for the accident. Lalo Mama takes them inside the castle and there he opens a window for their information.


In the window, the reporter of the castle says that some juveniles ride motorcycles but they do not wear helmets and face problems. Then the reporter talks to some juveniles about this issue.

Laila Qaharzai, a resident of Nangarhar province says, “My cousin crashed his motorcycle with a mountain. His father treated him but he faced brain injury and suffering from psychological problem and he has lost his memory too.”

A boy, a resident of Herat city, Herat province says, “I was riding on my motorcycle and an accident took place with another motorcycle. The traffic fined me about 10 thousand Afghanis.”

Then the reporter asks some juveniles that why some youngsters do not wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

Mujeebullah says, “I ride a motorcycle but I do not wear a helmet because I have not seen anyone else to put helmet yet.”

Abdulrahman says, “I get bored to wear a helmet.”

Bahadur says, “No one wear helmets in our city and I do not wear a helmet either.”

The reporter asks some juveniles about the advantages of wearing helmets.

Abdul Qahir, a resident of Nangarhar province says, “I always wear a helmet when I ride a motorcycle. One day I had an accident with a rickshaw, as I had worn a helmet, I faced no injury.”

Khan Aqa says, “Once three boys were riding on a motorcycle. The motorcycle crashed and the motorcycle driver fell in a well. We rescued him and he had no injury on his head because he had worn a helmet.”

Lalo Mama closes the window.

Waseem promises that if he rides a motorcycle, he would wear a helmet and he would ask his other friends to wear a helmet too when riding a motorcycle.