Electric Shock

 Written by: Wajiha Sayar

First Lane:

Halima and Masoud are playing in the lane. They heard the sound of an ambulance. Meanwhile, the peddler arrives and after greeting, they ask him about the ambulance.

Peddler brings out his magic mirror from his bag.

First scene:

Halima and Masoud see a class in the mirror. The teacher has not come to class yet. Emal and Halima are in the class. Emal wants Halima to play with him but Halima denies and says that she wants to do her home assignment. Emal pulls a desk; stands on it and wants to unfold a wire which is hanging from the ceiling. Meanwhile, Emal cries.

The scene ends.

Tahmina asks the peddler if Emal has gotten shocked as she was. Peddler shows them the remaining incident.

Second scene:

Emal is in the hospital and his hands are covered with a gauze bandage and he is suffering from the burning of his hands. His classmates have come for his visit. Halima asks about his health. Emal says about the first aid and his treatment and adds that he would discharge after a few days from the hospital. Halima says to Emal that after he was shocked, their teacher told them that touching sockets and electric wires are very dangerous. She adds that the teacher said that electric shock might cause the death of a person.  Emal is very sad and says that he could not take part in a football match which would hold soon and could not go to his cousin's wedding ceremony either.

Peddler takes the mirror back to his bag. Tahmina says that before they did not have electricity in her village but now they have it and now she knows how dangerous it is to touch sockets, lights, and electric wires.

Masoud asks how to keep themselves safe from electric shocks.

Peddler turns on his talking box.

A student, Zarifa says, “Once I touched a socket in my class and I was shocked by electricity. I shared the issue of electric shock with my other classmates too and I made them aware of the dangers of electric shocks.”

Milad says, “One day I saw that electric wire was hanging from the ceiling of our class and it was folded. I climbed on a table and when I wanted to unfold it, I got shocked.”

Tahmina and Masoud promise that they would never touch any light, socket and other dangerous electric appliances.

Peddler wants to go to the next lane, Masoud stops him and tells him the following joke: “A boy asks his friend about the strongest animal in the world. His friend replied that the ant is the strongest. The boy asked the reason. The friend replies that one day an ant entered into a socket of our house, when I wanted to bring it out, he strongly kicked me and I fell on the ground.” Peddler likes the joke and he goes to the lane of the story.