Small Home library

Written by Muhammad Anwar Andar

 Hamayoun goes with his sister, Asia to the castle and they are waiting in the yard of the castle for Lalo Mama to come and take them inside the castle.

Humayun looks sad and says to Asia that he failed in the intellectual contest at school. Meanwhile, Lalo Mama arrives and after greeting he takes his guests inside the castle.

In the castle, Asia shares the issue of failing of Hamayoun in the intellectual contest at his class. Lalo Mama asks the reason. Humayun says that he had studied more than other students but almost all quests were not from the school books. Lalo Mama says that he understands why he failed in the contest and then he opens a window for their information.


In the window, the reporter of the castle says that some juveniles study books rather than the school books and then she talks to some juveniles about this issue.

Abdul Ahad, a resident of Paghman district, Kabul province says, “I have many books at home and when I go to the bazaar, I buy one or two books from my pocket money. My brothers and sisters study them in free time.”

Humaira says, “When my father gives me my pocket money, I buy different books and now I have a small library at home. My big brother also helps me in preparing books.”

The reporter asks some juveniles that how they could make a small library at home and what would its benefits be.

Murtaza, a resident of Herat province says, “I want to have information in different fields. Therefore I have made a small library at home.”

A girl from Herat province says, “I have separated a few shelves of my cupboard for books. I have almost all kinds of books. I tell stories to my small sisters and brothers from the storybooks and I learn cooking from the household management book. My family other members also study these books. Before I was not able to explain lessons in front of my classmates but now I have no fear of this issue.”

Lalo Mama closes the window.

Humayun and Asia promise that when they go home, they would start to make a small library at home and they would also tell about the significance of having a library at home to their friends too.